Microsoft has launched a new feature for its Office 365 productivity suite called Office 365 Videos that promises to make the process of disseminating business info and updates via video clips far easier for Office 365 customers. Announced in a blog post today, the feature is being introduced through what Microsoft is calling its NextGen portals for Office 365. These portals, the company said, will leverage the Office Graph to deliver relevant information to users and will have social and mobile functionality baked into them from the start.

As such, Office 365 Video allows users to create clips via the Web interface from a desktop or mobile device. Once a video has been uploaded, all the user needs to do is add a title and description, and then wait for the generated playback files.

The resulting video is also discoverable via enterprise search immediately, making it easy to find and share. Video files can also be played on mobile devices, and every desktop video player page has native Yammer integration, so you can type or host a video call while watching a specific clip. The Video portal will roll out first to First Release customers, before being offered more widely to the rest of the Office 365 user base by “early calendar year 2015″, Microsoft confirmed.