Google Inc. won a patent for a system that allows them to provide feature Internet hers, Chrome Chrome browser rights, being able to switch automatically to the private browsing mode in order to protect users' data.

She explained Google, in the patent file, the system will analyze the content of the Web page that the user Itcefhaa according to a set of properties, and then determine the extent of the need to move to the private browsing mode.

The company added that the system will work without any manual intervention when you open a new page for the Internet site, whether it is opened automatically without the user's permission or the user has opened himself, will also work when you open the pages that were previously identified as a private.

It is expected that the system automatically works with pages that ask the user to record sensitive data such as bank accounts or data with log on to the web pages.

It features a private browsing mode in Chrome browser, and most Internet browsers, not to store any data on user activity, giving privacy to browse websites process.

It is noteworthy that Google did not disclose in the patent hers any details about the integration of the system Bmtcefhaa Internet date file, which Braah invention that had been provided by the company to the Patent Office US and Trademark Office in 2011, and before that you get the rights officially this month.