SAS Information Technology specialize in providing integrated solutions in business management and digital content through Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, which enables us to provide the following solutions to our customers.

Document Management

SharePoint 2013 is a pioneer in the field of document management system and adjust the life cycle to it, and that begins to establish the document, and then store it, and then share them with others, and then be made available to those with jurisdiction to modify it, and when it is released version and the issuance of new to this document, it is classified and track changes them.

Records Management

Records management is the process of collecting, managing and the division of records (information deemed important to the history of the institution, or Knowledge of all departments, or legal matters), depending on the institution's policy, this policy is to be agreed upon at the enterprise level depending on the type of work of this institution, as well as in accordance with the laws in which they operate Foundation.

Manage Forms

Considers design and use of electronic forms the basis in addressing E-business for any organization. Microsoft InfoPath tool which we can design entry forms based entirely on the Web where it can be refilled from the browser without the need for any additional software. InfoPath entry forms: the entry models can be deployed within the internal sites (intranet) or extranet or even the Internet. This process enables organizations to collect data from customers, partners, citizens.


Workflow flow is a general term used to describe electronic procedures to automate the functions of transactions and internal models for any organization that facilitates the flow of transactions by the administrative hierarchy and approval. Workflow to automate any transaction procedures fully or partially dependent on passed from one station to another for approval or to take the necessary action, each according to his powers as well as used. Workflow engine helps users to interact on the documentation and project management functions by building a dedicated processor works at the level of the document or item. Workflow engine helps organizations restriction steady steps to address its business and thereby help to improve the productivity and efficiency of work. SharePoint 2013 server contains many workflow models ready for use: validation, compilation of views, the ratification of the destruction of the record, the follow-up tasks.

The search engine

Search engine normally used to search and query the people and the information required. Provides SharePoint 2013 Server "central location search," It provides a central point of search, even if we assume that the user has added information about himself in his personal, the other user can be found by searching for people. Also can find a document based on the meta data or internal contents, where SharePoint will 2013 Server to index the contents of the document, Whether Word or Excel or other electronic file formats, as well as filters can be added to the server for the indexing of certain formats of files such as PDF. Finally SharePoint can also be used to search in external databases financial or administrative systems, for example, or for the management of libraries.

Sites and portals Management

Internal portal represents the foundation stone of providing these services and standardization within a single interface contains everything the user needs of information to help speed the completion of his work efficiently. "Portal" is a central entry point through which users access to all the services and systems so as to provide a high level of interactive and participation in data and information which constitute the core of the work the institution.

The institutions and commercial companies can benefit now Of modern technologies to increase communication with their clients interactively and exchange information and services with them easily and conveniently. The aims of interactive portals is to develop and improve the performance of institutions and companies for customer service and monitor their opinions and suggestions, and to achieve this, the successful portals they must to include renewed information.

Integration services with administrative and financial systems and office

Use interfaces Web application familiar to the user, and are subject to customization without programmatically intervene where they can use templates or develop templates in line with the demands of users, retreat the importance of the server in the completely integration with MS Office 2013 Office systems, as well as the case with most of products the servers and applications from Microsoft.

SharePoint 2013 server provides important features allow work more accurately and more efficiently between employees within a single institution, and these features:

 Use templates the sites for interaction and management interviews and meetings

Shared documents, contacts, tasks and calendar management

 The possibility of raising the files to documents or photo library or other types of libraries using drag-and-drop technique.

The use of new blogs, allowing you to take part in the talks in your news file.

 Project management by creating a list of the tasks of the project, through the "Gantt Chart" Access to content via mobile device (mobile phone).

Send an e-mail messages to the storage sites and archive these messages.

Document management and menus without the need to connect with Server (Offline).

Maintaining the users profile where you can easily switch between the different ways in your profile and the profiles of other people when they visit them.

 Access to external data through the use of business communications services and secure storage services.