MaktabOnline is a cloud-based business, we best utilize the internet as a platform for your organization providing attractive work experience for our customers worldwide, accessing and following-up tasks, teams, and projects have never been so easy, all of that at a reasonable cost with a new managed-hosted business model. MaktabOnline we empower our customers to focus on their core business while offering them cutting-edge business automation technologies.

In MaktabOnline we offer our customers the chance to control their business processes while maximizing employees performance, a central virtual workplace for information sharing and collaboration. Extending the same experience to your business partners is also supported through Extranet,, security and service availability are committed all the time.

MaktabOnline" online solution adopt international market standards, we utilize latest Microsoft business productivity solution framework with an industry-focused approach, all of them at zero initial investment offering our valued customers build as you grow option. Helping our customers overcoming hard economic circumstances is one of unique advantage with a reasonable monthly fee; nevertheless, our solutions are environment friendly.
Unique we Offerings!

MaktabOnline innovative solution, first to be released in the region, play a vital role in supporting organization's decision making process, we help our customers achieve their plans and objectives, real time updates across all team members are always available and easily accessible.

our hosted intranet and Extranet solution are based in the latest Microsoft business productivity technologies with regional flavor, "MaktabOnline" packages are best fit for SMB businesses, it enables them achieving their operational and marketing objectives.

MaktabOnline Features Include The Followings:

 Eye-catching and simple user interface.

 "MaktabOnline" solutions are available anytime and anywhere connected to the internet, form

     the office, home, and during travelling and roaming.

 A reasonable monthly payment that enables our customers of turn their IT investments from

    capital expenditure items into operational expenditure items.

 There is no software license or technical support expenses; the monthly price is inclusive of

     all these expenses.

 E-training is available to assist users in using various parts of "MaktabOnline" solutions easily.

 Our solutions are reliable and highly available all the time.

 "MaktabOnline" solutions provide high levels of security and protection for both data

     and users.

 "MaktabOnline" is powered by Microsoft's leading platforms, the leading

     internet platform software company internationally.

 Our solutions provide a continuous growth opportunity to our customers; this

     enables them to achieve high POL with a resonable monthly fixed expense.

"MaktabOnline" solutions are environment friendly.


Online Solutions

In Addition to our fabulous hosted solutions, MaktabOnline Provide additional e-business services that assist our customers developing their businesses.

Special Solutions

Based on customer demand, MaktabOnline provides additional vertical specialized solutions.