“Our strategy is driven by the core objective to identify innovative investment opportunities in diverse sectors in strategic regions.”

ARABIAN SAS Group actively pursues and invests in subsidiary companies pertaining to different industries and sectors but particularly those related to construction, tourism, real estate, aviation, airport services, marine services, digital marketing, and undertakings of an innovative nature.

To this end, ARABIAN SAS Group is continuously establishing links with international companies with investment prospects in the MENA region and Europe Through our experience and established networks, we are in the best position to offer a range of essential services that are necessary for our investment interests to grow, including: business advisory, management services and logistics, company set-up and partnership opportunities.  Besides offering the possibility of collaborating with our diversified list of subsidiary companies, we also provide access to a wide range of strategic partners that are interested in investing in innovative business endeavors.

We opt to invest in diverse companies, a strategy grounded in the principle of the complementarity between sectors and services, and which guides our current and future investments. Furthermore, we believe that the foundation of success is constant business development and diversification particularly in up-and-coming sectors. Our focus is targeted towards key growth sectors, particularly real estate, construction, tourism, aviation, marine services, and digital marketing.