Arabian SAS has 13 subsidiary companies distributed in MENA, Northern Africa and Europe.

SAS International Holding Co

SAS International Holding Co. is an all-encompassing investment company with a diversified portfolio and consolidated management services. Through its strategically located Head Office in Malta, SAS International Holding Co. is in the optimal position to provide businesses with the means to achieve sustainable growth, increase their shareholder value and become leaders in their respective industries.

SAS International Trading

SAS International Trading facilitates the exchange of goods, services and facilities between borders, using its wide network of warehouses and offices to resolve even the most challenging logistic demands. The company ensures the timely and safe delivery of all volumes of merchandise throughout the routes which it operates upon.  

SAS Shooting Ranges

SAS Shooting Ranges is a market leader that provides firearm training solutions in North Africa, the Gulf region, and the Middle East with a solid record of firearm training system developed and installed for military and law enforcement professionals in many countries.

SAS Marine Services Ltd

SAS Marine specializes in the provision of online chartering services for a wide range of yachts and boats through its flagship platform

SAS Travel Services

SAS Travel is a North African travel agency with an extensive network of airlines and hotel destinations around the world. SAS Travel offers bespoke travel services and packages that suit the requirements of both private individuals and business groups.

Elemara's LOGO

Elemara Company for Construction

Elemara was founded in 2008 with the aim of implementing general construction projects together with key partners including the renowned British company Kepi International.  The impeccable execution of the assigned projects together with the consolidated technical and administrative competences have enabled Elemara to establish itself as a leading company in the field of construction trusted by clients and partners alike.

P H Warr Libya

P H Warr Libya is a leading provider of property and construction surveying services delivered through its network of offices in England and North Africa. With over 20 years of dedicated consultancy services provided by the P H Warr network, P H Warr Libya has experienced substantial growth since its inception in 2009 and it nowadays a preferred partner by many construction-related stakeholders.

Benina Air

Benina Air is a Northern African aviation services company with extensive aviation experience and strategic relationships with fixed wing and helicopter leasing companies. Benina Air offers a variety of services including flight operations, ticketing and handling endeavors, aircraft maintenance and repairs together with training and development of aviation professionals.


Aknnan Real Estate Management & Marketing

AKNNAN specializes in commercial brokerage, leasing, property management and tenant representation for Northern African and international commercial development. The company provides services in the following areas:

  • Development Consultancy
  • Feasibility and Market Reports
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Leasing and Sales
  • Property and Asset Management

Tricycle Ltd

Tricycle Ltd is the latest addition to the SAS International Holding Co. group and is a dynamic Malta based digital marketing agency. Tricycle’s team of industry experts provides tailormade digital marketing services for companies who need to increase their online exposure and consolidate their market presence.

Benina Food

Initially established in 1994 to import fresh products from France to Lebanon, BENINA Food grew to become one of the major players in the speciality cheese market. Through our purchasing office, U-Group in Paris/Rungis established in 1991, or by direct shipments from our suppliers, we have weekly air shipment, and a chilled container of dairy items every 15 days. Today we import products from more than 15 countries and represent around 45 companies. Our yearly sales are around $12.5 million, equally divided between the cheese, meat and ambient products department


Goodies was founded in the year 1979 as a high-end deli in Verdun street, one of the most important streets in Beirut, and today is a very well-known supermarket providing you with all your household necessities.

Atayeb by Goodies Company

Back in 2010, Atayeb was formed as a limited liability organisation, unlike most typical restaurants and deli shop. It’s been said that good things take time. Turns out great things take 3 years, which is how long it took them to build Atayeb. Providing a unique form of dining catering services to Jeddah’s ever-growing population.